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Jamie Moore Chapel

     Since embarking on my career as a children's photographer, I have

cultivated the extraordinarily difficult and highly technical skill of making

funny faces, singing silly songs, and doing any nutty thing that makes

children laugh. And although there is magic in a smile, I strive to capture

all the expressions of childhood, whether it be a mischievous grin, a

stubborn pout, or a shy glance. I am always searching for that look that

makes every parent say, “That's my child!”

     My love of photography led me to Brooks Institute of Photography

where I learned the science of my art. After earning the coveted Lower

Division Award for Excellence in Photography and the Graduate Award

for Excellence in Portraiture, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a

Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. Although my education granted

me an incredible amount of knowledge and technical ability, it would all

be for naught without the beauty and innocence of a child's face.

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